Getting Started Guide

  1. Manage my Enterprise tab > manage enterprise details to change trading name > save
  1. Properties > Manage Properties > Create new

- Enter name, location, ownership status, pic number and brand > create

  1. Properties > Paddocks > Create new

-  Enter paddock names, total and arable area per paddock. This will enable app to give dse rating for paddocks.

  1. Properties > Paddocks > Mobs > Create new mob

- Click on the “mobs” tab next to the paddock you want to assign the mob to. 

Enter mob data - including mob number, breed, year of birth, tag colour and sex and by pressing “create” the mob will be assigned to the paddock.

  1. Manage my Enterprise > To Do > Create New

- Tasks can be added from the website or app for all users to contribute to.

  1. Manage my Enterprise > Manage Rainfall Gauges > Create new

- This allows readings to be added through the app for record keeping

  1. Manage my Enterprise > Sales & Purchases > Sales > Create new

- Can be done from website or app – also applies to purchases

  1. Manage Enterprise > Manage Users > Create New

- New users are added here, there is no limit to the amount of users a business may have

  1. Manage Enterprise > Activity Log

- Allows you to see what actions have been taken, stock moved, dates and any applicable notes.

  1. Manage Enterprise > Stock Report

- By entering a start and end date you may generate a reconciliation report which is printable by right clicking and printing from the internet

  1. Manage Enterprise > Subscription

- Shows how long until prescription expires. Allows user to manage subscription, payments and accounts.

How to create a new mob:

  1. All age groups and sex of sheep need to be given their own unique identity, which can be entered manually or chosen from a drop down menu.

This format is tag colour (using the NLIS identification scheme).

Enter the tag colour and year.

Merino is the default breed, other breeds need to be picked from dropdown menu along with the sex of sheep. For example, green ewes born in 2011 would be entered thus -GRE11E. 

  1. Enter the number of sheep in the mob and assign to paddock and save. This information will then appear colour coded on the app(s) and website.

The 5 descriptions for all mobs are:

From Webpage to App:

Once all enterprise data is entered on website in “Manage My Enterprise”, you are then ready to load app on your chosen devices.

Once you download, log in and open the app home page, you will now see all enterprises and list of paddocks with mobs attached.

Using the app:

Home > Choose property > Property page

- This page displays the paddocks and allocated mobs as an overall view.

- Touch the three dots next to Water for updating water quality, quantity, view arable area and stocking rate.

Home > Select property > Select mob > Actions (top right corner)

The following actions are available: (After each action is entered be sure to press SAVE in the top right hand corner)


Shows mob details, allows entering of deaths and missing sheep as well as the current count of the mob. Previous counts and dates counted are also shown for your record. Press save (top right corner) after information is added.


Shows current details, count and location of mob. Click on ‘Paddock’ to then choose where the stock will be moved. If you wish to amalgamate 2 mobs, perform a stock move to the same paddock. Here you will get a screen prompt to amalgamate mobs. Yes if you wish to combine 2 age groups of same age. No if you still want to see 2 mobs in the same paddock. You cannot amalgamate sheep of different tag colours. Press save when moved.


Choose destination of mob and input the count and tag suffix for those sheep moving or staying in the mob. SAVE


Shearing and crutching are for mob number reconciliation only.


Click on Category and choose whichever applies. Then choose treatment by either “Apply Most Recent Treatment” or “Treatment” options. When treatment has been chosen from drop down menu, rate and batch number can be entered. SAVE


Average CS for mob or average weight of mob (2 options)


Allocate Rams and enter joining period. App will keep track of days till lambing commences and also show energy requirements of ewes as pregnancy progresses. SAVE


Split mob into multiple, single and dry. Or just remove dry sheep. App will show potential lambs. SAVE


“Add vaccine” and choose Rate and specific vaccine from drop down menu. Add Marking Details and the app calculates Marked % and Lambs Per Ha. Lambs are not yet added to total flock numbers, this occurs at weaning.


This is where sheep are brought into the flock, after they are weaned, allocated a paddock, gender and breed you create a new mob. The number is then added to total sheep in enterprise. FINISH (top right corner)


Stock can be moved to different paddocks or properties; mobs may be split or amalgamated.

Each paddocks water quality and quantity is entered on a scale of 1 to 5 .

5 being full and top quality, 1 being dry with poor quality.

Other app options:

Menu > To Do > New

- Tasks or reminders can be entered, so all users are kept informed of upcoming tasks and important dates. App will have red dot alert when new to do is entered.

Menu > Rain

- New readings can be entered to each rain gauge and when saved will be recorded with the date

Menu > Sync Status

- Provides users with the ability to perform full sync without waiting for app to do so periodically

Sales and Purchases can be added through the app however only the price of sold stock may be entered through the admin area of the website.

Activity log is available for view through the app as well as the website.

Hints for users: