The MyMobTracker app is a result of 3 yrs work by Allan and Tracey Wilson, grain and sheep farmers at Katanning in the Central Great Southern of Western Australia, with substantial support from Scott Shenton, of Wool Agency in Fremantle, Western Australia.

As a consequence of one too many washed note books and needing a better way of keeping records and following the progress of sheep throughout the year, the desire for a simple, usable app was noted. With nothing suitable on the market, a discussion between Allan and Scott led to MyMobTracker’s creation. Allan providing the practical input, and Scott providing his extensive I.T. knowledge. We needed to be able to share captured information between those in the business, and a secure way of accessing historical information for such things as auditing and assessing enterprise performance.

We hope you find MYMobTracker of value in your business and it assists in making your role as sheep managers more efficient and profitable.

‘No tax payer or levy payer’s money has been used in the production of MyMobTracker’
Allan Wilson. September 2016